Our advantages

Since the entrance of “Digital Company” into a Market and the launch of our website, it has become much easier, more profitable and more convenient to buy a computer in Minsk and throughout Belarus. Why? Here is the answer:

  • It’s Easy

– what could be easier than calling our sales office and getting competent advice on the selection of computer or laptop configuration, as well as computer peripherals for them? Also you can also contact sales office assistants via ICQ, Skype, or e-mail.

– because you can order goods from anywhere in the Republic of Belarus and get them in the shortest time possible, and you can stay inside thanks to our delivery services.

  • It’s Profitable

– because “Digital Company” deals exclusively in e-commerce. Unlike the competition involved in retail chain, our rates will always be lower, because we exclude expenditures for retail point of sale (for example, rental payments, payment for work of the core and auxiliary personnel). Not because “Digital Company” can’t afford it, but because we are going to reduce the price of all the goods for you as a whole, thus minimizing the prime cost. In competitive struggle with online stores we are preferable in the context of service. Making purchases in “Digital Company” is always convenient.

  • It’s Convenient

– because we offer delivery throughout the Republic of Belarus, crediting system, trade in, only competent advice and the shortest processing time. Generally we provide warranty service at our office and as timely as it is physically possible.

Sincerely, “Digital Company” team.

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